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Why Advertise with CCN?

Canada China News is a non-political, non-religious and non-government funded independent newspaper. It strives to maintain its objectivity in its coverage, with an aim to inform and entertain. It is the most comprehensive Chinese newspaper in the capital region with the largest circulation and the most competitive price. It covers news, business, health, leisure, community and more.

A recent CCN reader survey revealed that our readers were 83% more apt to shop at a CCN advertiser, regardless if they were served in their language or not. Introduce your business or service into the Chinese community, with a population reaching 60,000. You do not have to speak Chinese to invite the community to be your customer.

Digital Media

Canada China News is one of the only Chinese newspapers in Ottawa that has successfully integrated the new generation of Chinese readers by providing a fully immersive digital platform. Our website can be viewed by any computer, tablet device, or smart phone. Try it out today!

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Chinese Canadians make up the largest non-European ethnic origin in Ottawa. In fact, the Chinese community is the fifth largest of any ethnic origin in Ottawa including English or French.

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Distribution Network

We have more than 80 different distribution locations across the Ottawa Capital Region at the busiest and most trafficked commercial and residential areas.

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Rates and Dimensions

Please see below for a table of the rates and dimensions. Please also note that advertising deadlines are every Tuesday at 5pm for the papers that are produced and delivered each Friday.


Some of our Advertisers

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